Engineering Jobs


GandTS created its own Training Organization in 2020. Our goal is to share our know-how and to support learners in their skills development.

Our training courses are known and recommended by manufacturers and industrialists with whom we have maintained historical links for almost 25 years.

The contents of our trainings are built on the basis of our expertise, our technical experiences and our experiences on the field.

Our training modules alternate 70% of practical cases (workshops, case studies, scenarios, guided exercises, etc.) and 30% of fundamentals allowing learners to quickly develop their skills and apply them in their daily missions.

Our trainers have in-depth knowledge in their field of expertise and are committed to transmitting their know-how in an effective and engaging way.

GandTS received its Qualiopi certification in 2021, testifying to the quality of the process of our Training Organization. It certifies that GandTS meets the requirements and quality standards established in the field of professional training.

Our training can be done :

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Engineering Jobs

The technical training offered by GandTS is an excellent opportunity for learners to acquire company know-how and improve their skills in specific areas.

Management & Project Management

We also offer training focused on project management and Team Management. These courses are designed to help participants develop their project management and leadership skills.

Finance Your Training

  • The Personal Training Account (PTA) enables any active person to acquire training rights that may be utilized throughout their professional lives from the time they first enter the job market until the date they claim all of their retirement rights.

  • Funding by the employer (skills development plan)
  • Self-financing